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Today we've got a supperrr special "Meet the Divas" post... get to know THE DIVA HERSELF... the amazing owner and designer of Trashy Diva, Candice! (Cue all our fan girl screams, right now.)

Hey, pretty lady! What's your name and what's your job at Trashy Diva? How long have you worked at Trashy Diva?

What do you love most about living in New Orleans?
Things I love most about NOLA:
1. Being able to walk around the city!
2. Creative spirit in food, music and design
3. Rich history and great architecture
4. Festivals!!
5. Friendly people

What are your style inspirations?

  • Everything Asian
  • 1930s, 40s and 50s
  • Pre '80s interior design books
  • Vintage patterns and wallpaper

Confession time! Just HOW MANY Trashy Diva pieces do you own?

I OWN NEARLY ALL OF THEM! A few have slipped through my fingers over the years, but basically I have them all!

What's your favorite dress and/or accessory in the stores right now?
My favorite dresses of the moment are the
Amaya dresses (in both Green Kimono and Chinese Opera). It is fun to have something short that I really love!

If you could only save 3 Trashy Diva pieces from a fire, which ones would you pick?
If I could save only 3 pieces I'd save:
1. Victorian Cropped Leather Jacket
Ruby Mini in '50s Leopard
Obi Long in Retro Floral

Which do you prefer... Halloween or Mardi Gras?
HALLOWEEN, but it is a close contest. I just have better costumes ready for Halloween.

What's your favorite book and film? (And which film has the best fashion in it ever?)
Favorite films are Henry & June, The Women (1939), and Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original). The Women overall has the best fashion ever and the best switch to color for a runway show, too!

Favorite Book: Brave New World

What classic film stars are your favorite?
Lady Style Inspirations:
  • Anna Mae Wong
  • Claudette Colbert
  • Joan Crawford (clearly for style only and not parenting!)
  • Hedy Lamarr
  • Vivienne Leigh

When you're not at Trashy Diva, how do you like to spend your time?

When I'm not at work, I am with my kids (3 & 7) or SHOPPING for VINTAGE (or both!)