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Absinthe and Black Fans is an homage to the merging of ideas and cultural exchanges, combining our love of glamorous 40s styles with bold black Victorian-inspired details. Two shades of green combine with deep bright coral, black and white for this classic dreamy novelty print featuring geishas, lace fans, and smokey dragons. In easy-to-wear flat rayon, the six new styles are timeless with inspiration taken from antique and vintage clothing, while maintaining Trashy Diva's signature: a strong emphasis on feminine styles that flatter a variety of body types. Shop perfect accessories here!
Hollywood Circle Dress - SALE
Sale price: $135.00
Maria Dress - SALE
Sale price: $135.00
Lena Bustle Dress - SALE
Sale price: $135.00
Corset L'Amour Dress - SALE
Sale price: $135.00
FiFi Fanback Dress - SALE
Sale price: $135.00
Hollywood Romper - SALE
Sale price: $125.00
Greta Zip Top - SALE
Sale price: $77.00