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Hours: Sun-Fri 11-7, Sat 10-7

Trashy Diva Clothing Boutique – 537 Royal Street – #504-522-4233
Trashy Diva Lingerie Boutique – 712 Royal Street – #504-522-8861


Hours: Mon-Fri 12-6, Sat 11-6, Sun 1-5

Trashy Diva Clothing Boutique – 2048 Magazine Street – #504-299-8777
Trashy Diva Lingerie Boutique – 2044 Magazine Street – #504-522-5686
Trashy Diva Shoe Boutique – 2050 Magazine Street-#504-265-0973

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 10-6

Wholesale inquiries & Buying offices #504-299-3939 / fx #504-299-8010


The History:
Trashy Diva first opened in 1996 and the website began in 1997. Trashy Diva started as a vintage clothing only store and grew into a blossoming clothing company with the addition of a 2 piece clothing line in 1999. The clothing line was expanded in 2000 to include 6 additional designs. Since then, the clothing line has been available in several other boutiques around the world.

Candice Gwinn - Owner/Designer 

The Name:
We regularly get asked about the name. Trashy Diva was named over 15 years ago (before most people ever heard the word DIVA and certainly before it was common). The name was inspired by an article in W magazine about vintage starlets including Marilyn Monroe and Jane Mansfield. We regularly get questioned about “why Trashy”? The Trashy part of the name expresses two different ideas to us. At the start, we sold only vintage, so the idea was that found objects (aka some people’s unwanted items ‘trashy’ ) could be made beautiful and and stylish. Another reason Trashy Diva appealed to us as a name was that it expressed an idea of an irreverent beauty- the girl who doesn’t always follow the rules!!

The Style & The Clothing:
Each piece both timeless and ageless with inspiration taken from antique and vintage clothing with a strong emphasis on feminine styles that flatter a variety of body types. We strive to bring back fine details that are rarely seen in clothing today. Most of our clothing is not “hand made”, but you find that each piece has a one of a kind feeling. You might see the clothing and think “vintage reproduction, but believe me it is most often FAR from the case”. We base many of our styles on vintage, but totally fashion each style to be above all else flattering- which usually means weeks of refitting the garments and recutting patterns. We use only fine fabrics in our garments PERIOD (why use anything but the best?). Most of our garments that are lined are also lined in silk, therefore we suggest DRY CLEANING for all of our garments.We produce an exceptionally well made clothing at attractive price points.

Trashy Diva has enjoyed mention in several books about vintage clothing and style. Trashy Diva been featured in several local, national, and international magazine-including LUCKY MAGAZINE, ELLE MAGAZINE, THE NY POST, BEST OF NEW ORLEANS MAGAZINE, WHERE -NEW ORLEANS MAGAZINE, NEW ORLEANS HOMES & LIFESTYLES, CITY LIFE, and TIME MAGAZINE.

Trashy Diva has been featured on episodes of Fox’s AMBUSH MAKEOVER, tlc’s MAKEOVER STORY, and Oxygen’s NICE PACKAGE, worn by Mary Tyler Moore in the tv movie “SNOW WONDER 2005?, ABC’s “THE GATES” series, “THE LIBRARIAN” tv movie, “The Price is Right Game Show” worn by hostesses, HBO’s “TRUE BLOOD” worn by Evan Rachel Wood, “THE DAILY SHOW” worn by Kristen Schaal , “Late Night with Craig Ferguson” worn by Theresa Anderson , “Jimmy Kimmel Live” worn by Leeza Gibbons. Trashy Diva has been worn in films including “STAY ALIVE” worn by Sophia Bush”, “SOLSTICE” worn by Elisabeth Harnois, “NIGHTS IN RODANTHE” by Viola Davis, and many others! Trashy Diva is also featured in books including: RETRO CHIC and GLOOM COOKIE COMIC.